BeZero Carbon is building the world’s leading data and analytics platform for scaling and catalysing the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). Its core product, the BeZero Carbon Rating, is currently the only riskbased framework for assessing carbon efficacy that can be applied to any carbon credit project globally. Through their universal coverage and risk-based framework, BeZero’s rating acts as a metric for cross-credit carbon fungibility and a mechanism to facilitate true carbon liability-asset matching.

As net zero commitments from corporates ramp up, so does interest in carbon offsetting and indeed the desire to do so through robust and reliable carbon projects. Estimates place the VCM at US$50-100 billion by 2030 compared to US$300 million in 20183 4, however, whilst this market is necessary for progress towards net zero, it lacks the key infrastructure or data to function properly. The VCM has the potential to act as a mechanism driving billions of dollars into carbon sequestering or avoidance projects. Despite this, today’s market has very little correlation between price and quality of carbon projects and the VCM needs the data and infrastructure to align incentives to properly scale this market.

BeZero Carbon - UK - Molten led £15.0 million Series