We seek the most ambitious

Innovative tech. Impressive entrepreneurs. Global potential.

We look for high-growth companies with strong IP, powerful technology, and the management team equivalent of jet fuel. They operate in new markets, with serious potential for global expansion. We also look for strong margins to ensure sustainable growth, particularly for companies on a journey to profitability

We keep fuelling for growth

High-growth. Efficient models. Attractive exit.

We offer all investors access to private companies, in the high growth phase. Entrepreneurs come to us once they’ve initially proven their idea, and are ready to grow. We’re providing a rare opportunity to invest in companies that aspire to be attractive candidates for acquisition or IPO, with valuations from $50m to $1bn and beyond.

We invest across four sectors

Sectors, transformed.

Our companies use technology to create better ways of doing things. We focus on four sectors; Consumer technology, Digital Health & Wellness, Ai, Deeptech & Hardware, Cloud, Enterprise & Saas. 

Our Investment Process

Designed to help our companies transform and grow

Screening business

We screen thousands of investments every year, complimented by thousands more who we meet through our secondary and fund of funds strategy. This helps us find the brightest opportunities, and the clearest visions.

Make investment decisions

We make 15-30 new investments a year, including follow-on, bringing the most ambitious tech companies into our portfolio.

Facilitate growth

We put cash in for rapid scale-ups, to help bring a team’s vision to life. We make introductions, deliver partnerships and and fuel global ambitions


We’re not confined to five or ten-year cycles.

Message from Martin Davis, CEO of Molten Ventures plc

Our vision is to be the VC of choice for the visionaries inventing our future. Our funding enables entrepreneurs from high growth digital technology businesses to build their companies. For investors, that means access to high-growth, privately owned technology companies as we continue on our mission to expand access to venture capital.