We believe Satellite Vu is set to become a new category leader in “Earth Observation” by measuring the thermal footprint of any structure on Earth in a consistent and near real time manner using methods not previously available. Satellite Vu will launch the world’s first constellation of infrared satellites into orbit, delivering unique insights at scale around energy efficiency and carbon footprinting. Their plans for global coverage by 2024 would give the company a first-mover advantage in a new category of space data – infrared – and a potentially significant competitive moat in a category with various emerging use cases.

Detecting heat signatures in space is a significant unmet need within various sectors and will open up new applications in the net zero economy. The built environment is responsible for around 40% of carbon emissions, and capex related to the energy efficiency of buildings is forecast to be in the trillions in the coming decades5, yet we lack consistent and robust data in this area. Markets such as environmental monitoring, energy, and large-scale thermal mapping of buildings for energy efficiency programmes are set to be significant markets in the coming years. There is evidence of significant latent demand for high resolution IR data in these markets. 

Satellite Vu - UK - Molten participated in £15.0 million Series A