ESG portfolio Due diligence and action plan

An important part of understanding our portfolio companies’ ESG performance is through data collection. As such, our ESG Framework is distributed annually to gather portfolio data, enabling us to track and report progress and provide relevant guidance to companies. We have also developed a Sustainability Toolkit which contains proprietary tools and resources, such as corporate policy templates, as well as publicly available content and best practice guidance for alignment to external standards and frameworks. This has been supplied to portfolio companies in order to overcome barriers to improving their ESG performance.

Portfolio engagement

We recognise the importance of supporting our portfolio companies through educational means in order to build awareness of the ever-changing industry expectations and best practice guidance. As part of this, we see value in the richness of 1:1 engagements with our portfolio companies in order to provide an opportunity for open dialogue regarding ESG-related challenges and business-specific ESG commercial opportunities. To date, 1:1 engagements with our ESG Lead have taken place with 75% of directly held investments to use our expertise and cross-portfolio experience to assist on a case-by-case basis.