Our Sustainability Values

Innovation & Ambition

A new model to do things differently and better. We help our entrepreneurs to change the world with our depth of experience, expertise, and drive.

Collaboration & Community

We’re a team of teams working with our community and stakeholders to get the best results and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s always a group effort.

Honesty & Integrity

Trust is built on doing the right thing for the right reasons. We act with integrity and give it straight, even when it isn’t easy to hear.

Long-term & Accountability

The long-term future requires action and accountability now. Our evergreen model allows us to see the bigger picture. Our governance structures keep us aligned and accountable to our long-term values and goals.

Inclusivity & Diversity

We embrace our differences to build a better fairer future for all. We seek the brightest and the best, whoever they are and whatever their background.




  • Develop and formalise the Company’s Corporate Purpose to articulate our core reason for being, in alignment with the Group’s ESG Policy
  • Track and report on the metrics used by the Company to evaluate potential investments in alignment with the Company’s ESG Policy


  • Deliver two portfolio engagement events focused on ESG-related risks and opportunities


  • Implement a Climate Strategy which defines the Group’s GHG reduction targets, KPIs and roadmap to net zero
  • Increase accuracy of Scope 3 measurements (upstream and downstream) to report against the SECR and TCFD frameworks
  • Undertake the Company’s first CDP Climate Change disclosure


  • Engage with at least 50% of direct investments to establish their Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions and assist with reduction plans, footprint analysis and offsetting


  • Develop the Group’s D&I Recruitment Policy to track and report on D&I-related metrics through the hiring process


  • Achieve implementation by 80-100% of directly held portfolio companies of a (i) Parental Policy and (ii) Health & Wellbeing Policy
  • Establish, track and report portfolio progress across a range of core D&I targets


  • Develop and publish a Group Human Rights Policy


  • Achieve implementation by 80-100% of directly held portfolio companies of a (i) Cyber Security Policy, (ii) Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy, (iii) Whistleblowing Policy, and (iv) Anti-Harassment Policy

External Disclosures

Attained in 2022



Please contact esg@molten.vc to learn more about our Sustainability efforts.