Our Sustainability Values

Innovation & Ambition

A new model to do things differently and better. We help our entrepreneurs to change the world with our depth of experience, expertise, and drive.

Collaboration & Community

We’re a team of teams working with our community and stakeholders to get the best results and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s always a group effort.

Honesty & Integrity

Trust is built on doing the right thing for the right reasons. We act with integrity and give it straight, even when it isn’t easy to hear.

Long-term & Accountability

The long-term future requires action and accountability now. Our evergreen model allows us to see the bigger picture. Our governance structures keep us aligned and accountable to our long-term values and goals.

Inclusivity & Diversity

We embrace our differences to build a better fairer future for all. We seek the brightest and the best, whoever they are and whatever their background.


These targets outline the long-term vision for our ESG strategy and our recognition of the unique position we have in improving ESG credentials through our investments.

Portfolio Level

Demonstrate the value of strong ESG performance at both the fund and portfolio level to help ensure ESG is fully supported by key internal stakeholders 

  • Demonstrate engagement with 75%+ directly held portfolio companies (held throughout the period) at Molten's internal February 2024 Portfolio Strategy Day through the identification of at least one component aspect of ESG with each portfolio company that is understood to present an actionable commercial opportunity t to help build business and accrue value in support of wider corporate targets
  • Inclusion of an ESG agenda item and evidence of a material discussion of ESG topics in at least one board meeting during FY24 across 75%+ of directly held portfolio companies (held throughout the period) in which Molten has an appointed director.
  • Deliver improved aggregated portfolio ESG performance across directly held portfolio companies for which an ESG Framework assessment was carried out in FY22 and use data outputs to establish key champion areas that will be communicated to portfolio management teams at an annual ESG engagement and training event
PLC Level

Effectively embed Molten's Corporate Purpose and Climate Strategy on a company-wide level to ensure holistic understanding of their synergies and strategic direction.

  • All new investment opportunities assessed for alignment with our Corporate Purpose and Climate Strategy as part of the new investment case brought to Investment Committee.
  • All core portfolio companies assessed on their alignment to our Corporate Purpose and Climate Strategy.
Climate Strategy

Implement our Climate Strategy and take action both internally and across the portfolio to drive carbon reduction through education and opportunity realisation

  • Introduce internal carbon reduction initiatives targeting the reduction in our Scopes 1. 2 and/or 3 (categories 1-14) carbon emissions
  • Identify any material "carbon intensity hotspots" within all of our directly held portfolio, and positively engage with 75%+ of the relevant management teams or appropriate dedicated personnel in those that have identified, to support them in their assessment/understanding of their carbon emissions and reduction pathway

We achieved 100% of our FY23 ESG KPIs, the details of which are located in our FY23 Sustainability Report.

External Disclosures

Attained in 2022/2023



Please contact esg@molten.vc to learn more about our Sustainability efforts.