Cervest is a pioneering Climate Intelligence company that forecasts and quantifies physical climate risk at the individual asset level. Cervest’s open-access platform pre-populates climate risk for every physical asset on Earth, empowering organisations to view and act on their specific climate risk in a way that has not previously been possible.

We believe that within the next ten years there will not be a single entity without a carefully planned approach to assessing the physical risks from climate disruption. As such, we see Climate Intelligence as one of the most significant markets to scale in this net zero economy given the need for data to power climate action and adaptation. We see a broad range of applications for quantifiable micro-level data on climate risk, whether in capital markets, insurance pricing, or for companies and governments facing unprecedented economic impacts on physical assets and supply chains from climate volatility.

Cervest - UK - Molten led US$30.0 million Series A